Mirror TV

The Do It Yourself Way to Conceal your HD-TV!
Our TV HD Mirrors are produced competitively to provide you with an economical and aesthetic solution to mirroring your TV.

mirror-tv Our cutting edge hidden television technology provides the easiest installation on the market due to their very low weight.

We are using the GOLDEN RECTANGLE ratio. In art this has been found to be the most pleasing to the eye and has been used for 2500 years. Elements of DaVinci's Last Supper, his self portrait, the Mona Lisa, and the Parthenon use this rectangle ratio.

mirror-tv Our stock sizes are sized to enhance your décor.

We can supply basic framing for the mirror however we recommend that if you match your décor with your own local picture framer.

If your application requires, we would be pleased to supply a custom mirror made to your specific TV case size.

Our Frameless Mirror Kit includes everything that you need for your LCD TV from sizes measuring 26" - 72". Installation is a simple process that is done in minutes. It is as simple as placing the frame over your TV.


It is made from our premium manufactured Glassless Mirror products, which over a variety of advantages over traditional glass, most notably.
  • Weighs 1/10th as much as glass.
  • Safe and Secure!
  • This is the exact same HD Optical Quality film that is used in multi-million dollar Flight Simulators.
  • Superior HD Quality! Over 250x Thinner than glass.
  • 40% Cheaper!
  • Remote Controls Work Perfectly!
  • Our Kits allows you to Choose A Custom Frame to your match your home decor, or use without a frame for a modern look.

    6 Pounds. 62 Pounds.
    Easy Self Install
    10-20 Minutes!.
    Hire Outside Contractor
    2-3 Hours @ $75. per Hour.
    250x Thinner Than Glass
    Used in Flight Simulators.
    250x Thicker
    Subjecto to Distortion & Deflects.
    30-40% Cheaper
    Yet, Lighter & Brighter.



    Up to 26" Diagonally


    Up to 34" Diagonally


    Up to 52" Diagonally


    Up to 64" Diagonally


    Up to 72" Diagonally


    For TV mirror pricing, sizes, mounting options and accessories, please visit our main site at GlasslessMirror.com .

Mirror TV